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Healthcare professionals who are seeking to practise in the countries such as the U.A.E, UK, U.S.A, Middle East and Singapore are required to acquire a Licence to Practise from the relevant health authorities.

Global Recruitment Services

PRG Recruiters are specialist recruitment agency operating at a global level to match the best talent with the best job opportunities. At PRG we assist both candidates and our business partners to find the best match using the most up to date technology, tools, and practices to pair our job seekers and employers.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, and we have built a wide network of highly skilled candidates and desirable employers across the world. All of our team members are specialists in their recruitment niche and, thanks to this, are able to quickly and efficiently understand and interpret the requirements of job roles.

PRG Recruiters specialise in working with clients and candidates all over the world. Thanks to our global reach, we are able to help to fill a role, or find a job where the necessary skills may not be found in your native country.

In an age where technology is adapting fast, for some skillsets, there may be only a handful of candidates who may fit the required specification, and we are adept at uncovering the best talent from around the world.


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Why Clients Choose PRG

Our team of recruitment professionals are adept at understanding your business requirements. We really listen to your brief, and ask the right questions to understand what you need from your workforce. We look beyond just skills and technical ability, and get the heart of sourcing staff who will fit with your workplace culture and practices.

Why Candidates Love PRG

We know that finding a job you love isn’t always simple, so we take steps to put you in the best possible position to land your dream role. As well as really listening to your requirements, we offer additional services which help you to excel at the application stage and beyond

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