Dr Arisha

The PRG-recruiters’ new Officer for Recruitment, Dr Arisha, introduces the members behind his Recruitment Team: name of teams. The team is committed to working together to promote pediatrics as a career and to always put trainees first. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the team working with me in recruitment. They are such a talented group, and an absolute pleasure to work with. COVID times have been a challenging time for recruitment and this great team have dealt with the frequent curve balls thrown at us, always putting trainees first!
Dr Arisha is our Trainee Representative and strongly advocates for trainees in all aspects of recruitment. She is our newly appointed lead for Sub-specialty recruitment. She is incredibly wise and experienced, helping to continuously improve the Sub-specialty application process.
She works tirelessly on the MTI and overseas applicant process. She would help to develop and grow the MTI programme, such that it is now a smooth process that welcomes overseas doctors into the NHS for two years, makes them feel valued and helps to ensure that they have a great training and educational experience.
Lastly, but not least! Dr Arisha is Director’s PRG- Recruiters, and keeps us all sane. She supervises all team.
Together we are the recruitment team and are committed to working together to always put trainees first.

Email: arisha@localhost
Mobile : +44(0)7907 567721