Top recruitment statistics you need to know in 2020


When it comes to hiring, firing, and all things recruitment, we value the statistics major marketing players gather and the trends that they dictate for the following year.
So, we thought we’d run through some of the significant 2020 recruitment statistics and how we can use them to develop our practices.
That said, 2020, however, will be somewhat of an exception.

Only time will reveal the depth of the unemployment shift

Nobody knows how the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic will affect society and its many cultures right across the globe, but over the short term, nothing is going to be quite the same as it was before.
It will undoubtedly have a massive effect on the global economy, moving money from once-thriving industries into other avenues, those more and less profitable due to changes in the way we’re learning to live.
We’ve watched as businesses, heartbreakingly, have lost their ability to provide an income for their employees or even to cover operating costs. Many have already closed for good, with more, each day, hanging in the balance.
On the flip side of the coin, some businesses have fulfilled a niche or provided a service that has become a staple for many families looking for new ways to spend additional time at home to enjoy still limited versions of the life they used to know.

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